Love Your Lunch!


There are few things worse for the soul than spending lunchtime sitting at your computer chomping on yet another bland packaged sandwich and bag of smoky bacon crisps without even looking down from your screen. Lunch, we believe, deserves a little more love than that.

Now anyone wishing to enjoy a lunch worth lingering over will find a diverse range of hearty, healthy dishes on offer at our dedicated lunch market.

Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 10am and 3pm, Borough’s Green Market becomes one of the finest canteens imaginable, featuring offerings from many of the Market’s regular stalls, including Thüringer Rostbratwurst sausages from The German Deli, pie and mash from Pieminister, delicious salt beef bagels from Nana Fanny's and tasty hog roast from Rainha Santa.

As well as complete lunch options, many of our traders sell breads, cheeses, vegetables and meats so you can create the perfect sandwich or salad to suit your taste. There's also cakes and savoury tarts on offer for those who believe lunch should always include a treat!

Everything on sale at the lunch market, both hot and cold, is as carefully sourced, as expertly made and as unimpeachably high in quality as you would expect from Borough Market’s traders. In fact, many of the lunchtime traders use ingredients which are available during full trading days - the rich pink lamb in Cumbrian Speciality Meats's wraps, for instance.

With plenty of places to sit down and savour your lunch, the Green Market offers some lovely views of Southwark Cathedral and a rare opportunity to sit back and watch the world go by as the delicious smell of cooking wafts all around. You are, of course, welcome to take your food back to the office – but it’ll be much better for your soul if you don’t.

So if lunch at Borough Market takes your fancy, take a peek at the list of lunchtime traders and go for a wander down to the Green Market.


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