Spices, Preserves and Condiments

Our traders come from all over the world and this is reflected in the range of flavours you'll find on their stalls. With produce from as far afield as Argentina, Japan, India and the Levant, the Market is a doorway to a world of distinctive culinary cultures.

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Image of Spice Mountain

Spice Mountain

With over one hundred herbs, spices and spice blends, Spice Mountain has one of the greatest collections of spices in London. Owner Magali Russie sour...

Image of Rosebud Preserves

Rosebud Preserves

Bramley apple and liquorice jam is just one of the superb preserves available on Rosebud Preserves stall. Packed full of fruit with robust flavours, t...

Image of Borough Olives

Borough Olives

A wide variety of fresh olives sourced from specialist producers, mainly in Greece but also in Spain and Morocco, then expertly marinated at the compa...

Image of Cool Chile Co

Cool Chile Co

Dried chillies imported directly from Mexico, along with Mexican herbs, spices and corn. Chillies include chile ancho (meaning “wide”, because of its ...

Image of De La Grenade

De La Grenade

De La Grenade is the first producer to introduce Caribbean specialties to Borough Market with its unique range of award winning products from Grenada ...

Image of Borough Nuts

Borough Nuts

The Borough Nuts stall boats deep baskets full of dried fruits, nuts and baklava. Everything is sold by weight, from the dried apricots, honey cashews...

Image of Gujarati Rasoi

Gujarati Rasoi

Gujarati Rasoi represents the best of British Indian food today.  Working to recipes that have been passed down in rural India over many generations, ...

Image of Fitz Fine Foods

Fitz Fine Foods

Noel Fitzjohn’s stall specialises in pates, terrines and other traditional Gallic products, sourced directly from France. Specialities include regiona...

Image of From Field and Flower

From Field and Flower

Honey creme, a blend of acacia honey and fresh fruit, is one of the beautiful Piedmont products selected by From Field and Flower for its purity and n...

Image of The Fresh Olive Company

The Fresh Olive Company

Olives, olive oils, vinegars, antipasti and other Mediterranean delicacies sourced from producers in France, Italy, Spain, Greece and Morocco. Special...

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