Zurich meets London

A festival celebrating the cultural life of Zurich, in our Market Hall

With Jumi Cheese operating from own Alpine lodge and Kappacasein’s heady aroma of its exceptional raclette spilling out in great waves across Borough, there has long been an essence of Switzerland at this most international of markets.

From 17th-21st May, that connection will be made all the more explicit by the arrival at Borough Market of a festival celebrating the cultural life of Switzerland’s largest and most cosmopolitan city, Zurich. Zurich meets London: a Festival of Two Cities takes as its cue the 100th anniversary of the formation of Dada, an avant-garde art movement that grew out of the city’s Cabaret Voltaire in reaction to the horrors of first world war and the lack of response from Europe’s conformist cultural establishment.

Spread across five days, the festival will explore art and culture, science and technology, food and lifestyle. Borough Market’s Market Hall will be home to the main festival hub, with attractions including a chocolate manufactory, a grill serving up Zurich’s famous cervelat sausage, a vegetarian buffet from Swiss restaurant Tibits, a gin and juice bar and a programme of live music. On three of the nights, two top chefs from London and Zurich will join together at the Market to create ‘Dada gala dinners’. Quite what a collision of food and radical 20th century art might look like remains to be seen, but it is unlikely to be dull!

Visit the Zurich meets London website for updates on the many events scheduled across London throughout the five-day festival.