Sustainable Food Story Supperclubs

The Sustainable Food Story presents Vol.6: "Running Through A Field of Wheat" at Borough Market

The Sustainable Food Story is a roving supperclub that travels around the world, connecting citizens to the origins of food through interactive dinners.

A team of scientists, chefs, story tellers and farmers make up The Sustainable Food Story team who are working to demystify and discuss food and farming issues, through interactive dining experiences.

The Sustainable Food Story will be holding four dinners at Borough Market, on Sunday 26th and Monday 27th November 2017, at 6:30pm and 9pm each day, where they’ll be asking: “How can grains be part of a healthy, delicious and environmentally conscious way of eating?”

Join the team in the Cookhouse for a four-course tasting menu with heritage grains at its heart. Together you will look back into their history, at the present and what the future may hold in an immersive evening of storytelling and interactive dining, teamed with a host of unique ingredients sourced for their narrative, seasonality and sustainability.

Example menu dishes (subject to change):

-        Rye levain crispbread with salvaged bean dip

-        Root-to-fruit beetroot with goat’s cheese and sprouted grains

-        Carrot, sage, einkorn and cheese end croquette on a bed of leafy greens.

-        Spelt and rye homemade sourdough

-        Botanical panna cotta with heritage grainola and foraged fruit compotes

-        Wild cocktail with London distilled gin

For more information and to purchase tickets for Sunday’s supperclubs please click here, or for tickets for Monday’s supperclubs, please click here.