Demo kitchen residencies

Luke Mackay’s June residency explores seasonal, sustainable British fish

Borough Market’s Demonstration Kitchen residency series is back! Running in the Market Hall throughout the year, we’re going to have the chance to tap far more deeply into our chefs' vast repositories of culinary knowledge.

June’s residency sees Luke Mackay, a lover of all things fishy, returning every Thursday lunchtime to explore the wonders of seasonal, sustainable seafood found in UK coastal waters. He will be teaching some essential fish preparation techniques and a range of cooking methods, as well as sharing a fantastic range of recipes.

Thursday 1st June, 12:30-2pm 
Round fish

Skills: filleting raw fish, cooking a fillet
Dish: seared gurnard fillet with cep puree and sea vegetables

Skills: cooking fish steaks
Dish: hake with sweet roast peppers and chorizo

Skills: preparing the same fish in different ways
Dish: mackerel three ways: tartare, grilled and pickled

Skills: roasting a whole fish
Dish: john dory, roasted whole with lemon and bay

Thursday 15th June, 12:30-2pm 
Flat fish

Skills: flat fish filleting, making beurre noisette
Dish: brill with brown butter and capers

Skills: filleting, bread crumbing, deep frying, making mayo
Dish: megrim sole goujons with lemon and dill mayo

Skills: skate wing prep
Dish: steamed skate with ginger, spring onion

Skills: Pan-cooking whole fish
Dish: plaice, fried with almonds and thyme

Thursday 22nd June, 12:30-2pm

Skills: prepping and grilling clams
Dish: Razor clams with ras el hanout and preserved lemon

Skills: picking mussels, deep frying
Dish: crispy mussel fritters with tarragon mayo dipping sauce

Skills: balancing salty/hot/sweet flavours, hand-picking a crab
Dish: crab cakes with homemade chilli sauce and spicy thai salad

Skills: ‘cooking’ with citrus
Dish: prawn ceviche

Thursday 29th June, 12:30-2pm
Waste not

Skills: blending spices and knife skills
Dish: cod head coconut curry

Skills: deep frying and mayonnaise
Dish: deep fried sardine bones and prawn head mayonnaise

Skills: skinning fish and infusing saffron
Dish: hake throat with saffron mash and garlic

Skills: shucking scallops
Dish: scallop roes on toast with garlic, lemon and herbs