At the Demo Kitchen: Jenny Chandler

Friday 12th October is World Egg Day! Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to highlight some of the great eggs on offer in the Market, we've invited the knowledgeable Jenny Chandler back to the Demo Kitchen to cook a menu that is sure to be egg-cellent.

Jenny recently did a series for our website about eggs so couldn't be better placed to speak not only about the range of eggs on offer at Borough Market (from duck, hen and quails eggs to ostrich, goose and gull's eggs, when the season is right) but also about the different ways they can be used. 

Her menu will include:

  • Lemon curd 
  • Pickled eggs - serve with a Mrs King's pork pie
  • A wild mushroom and sweet potato duck egg frittata
  • Queen of puddings

Read Jenny's introduction to the demo here

Demos take place every Thursday and Friday from 1pm-2.30pm in the Market Hall. The Demo Kitchen is free to attend with recipes, tips, tricks and tasters to take away with you. 


Photo by Paul Thompson