Borough Market is a cheese-lovers heaven, filled with great cheese from all over the UK and Europe, made by expert cheesemakers using traditional techniques and then matured to perfection. It also home to fantastic butter and cream which sits alongside Italian gelato, yoghurt and goat's milk ice-cream.

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Image of Brindisa


From its beginnings in 1988, when Monika Linton first set out to introduce Spanish ingredients to the UK, Brindisa has grown into one of the country’s...

Image of Alsop & Walker

Alsop & Walker

Arthur Alsop and Nicholas Walker are passionate about producing their own, unique style of wonderful cheese in East Sussex. Informed by tradition, Als...

Image of Bath Soft Cheese Co.

Bath Soft Cheese Co.

There is a reassuring sense of tradition behind the evocatively named cheeses on offer at the Bath Soft Cheese Co. All the cheeses are organic, pasteu...

Image of Bianca e Mora

Bianca e Mora

Bianca e Mora's stall takes its name from two rare Italian breeds - the Bianca Modenese cow from Emilia Romagna and the free range Mora Romagnola pig....

Image of Borough Cheese Company

Borough Cheese Company

Spectacular wheels of Comte cheese, made in the Doubs and Jura areas and matured in the 19th century Fort Saint Antoine, which is owned by Marcel Peti...

Image of Gelateria 3Bis

Gelateria 3Bis

Gelateria – 3Bis brings an authentic taste of Italy to Borough Market. Owner Francesco Prati has joined forces with renowned Italian ice cream maker (...

Image of De Calabria

De Calabria

Giuseppe Mele offers a wonderful selection of food from the Italian region of Calabria. The cured meats include soppressata, the region’s most popular...

Image of Ellie’s Dairy

Ellie’s Dairy

Premium raw goats milk and pasteurised and unpasteurised cheeses produced by Debbie Vernon, from her herd grazing the ancient meadows of Kent’s North ...

Image of The French Comte

The French Comte

Fabien Joly and Florent Gacon  are a couple of young Franc-Comtois, with a passion for food, wine and the artisan traditions of their native region of...

Image of Kappacasein


Kappacasein’s owner Bill Oglethorpe developed Ogleshield cheese in collaboration with Somerset dairy farmer Jamie Montgomery, whose 150 Jersey cows pr...

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