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Chowder, Chutney and Comte


This week the Thursday cookery demonstration in the Jubilee Market will include a number of dishes that work perfectly for those in a holiday mood and which, with a little coaxing, can be extended to feed the extra mouths that often appear around the kitchen table when school is finally out for the summer.

Prawn and corn chowder is a crowd pleaser that really benefits from the addition of fresh corn.  Peel back the tight green husks and remove the fine silky threads before slicing off the plump kernels into this delicious broth.  Cooking this meal-in-a-bowl on the day you buy your sweetcorn (check out the cobs at Only Organics) will ensure that the corn remains sweet and juicy.  Fine pink prawns will be picked up at Shellseekers Fish & Game in the Middle Market.

Hayley, our resident cook then plans to move onto a wonderful dish of pork with fig chutney, stopping at Elsey & Bent for richly colored figs covered with the telltale light, fuzzy bloom that guarantees ripeness.  Spice Mountain will provide the complimentary spices for the chutney, while organic freerange pork from Rhug Estate will also be on Hayley's shopping list.

Some artisan rustic bread from the Flour Station will serve as the toasted base for a particularly sophisticated tartine spread with luxurious truffle pate from Tartufaia.  The classic accompaniment for a tartine is a vibrant green salad, and on this ocassion Hayley will up the flavour quota by tossing diced Comte from The French Pantry in amongst the young leaves she picks up at Elsey & Bent.

Hayley's cooking demonstrations take place every Thursday from 11am in the Jubilee Market.

Please note that only ingredients bought in the Market on the morning of Hayley's demonstration are used; recipes are therefore subject to change.

If you would like to receive updates about Borough Market’s cookery demonstrations, tours and promotions please email events@boroughmarket.org.uk


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